Participation Category até 16/02/2024 até 08/03/2024 No Local
Member** US$ 1500 US$ 1550 US$ 1600
Non-Member** US$ 1800 US$ 1850 US$ 2000
Group of 3 people or more** US$ 1350 US$ 1350 N/A
Resident US$ 1000 US$ 1000 US$ 1100
Companion* US$ 350 US$ 350 US$ 350
Government Free Free Free
Press Free Free Free
Day Pass Exhibition N/A N/A US$ 50
*Needs to have associated paid registration. Those who wish to bring their wives/husbands to the social events should contact us via email at
**The value of this registration includes access to the plenary sessions on March 14 and 15, as well as lunch on those days, and also the social events: welcome cocktail (March 13) and fellowship dinner (March 14).